There is always something to delight the senses in the gardens thanks to careful planning and succession planting. As well as the fantastic displays of tulips, roses and dahlias and the beautiful year round structure of the gardens, formed by a mix of trees and shrubs with fountains, springs, large ponds, and winding paths, other highlights include:

Bluebell Walk – Flowering mid to late April and into May.

Kitchen Garden – Delectable all season but at its most productive from late June onwards.

Lily Time – Mid-July to mid-August - Over 40 fascinating varieties growing in the gardens, some highly perfumed.

Herbaceous Borders – at their colourful best in August and September.

For updates on what’s out in the gardens please see our News Page or Facebook Page.

Pashley Manor Gardens - Bluebell Woods by Kate Wilson
Pashley Manor Gardens -  Chives by Kate Wilson
Pashley Manor Gardens - Lilium 'Casablanca' and Helen Sinclair's 'Just Sitting' by Leigh Clapp
Pashley Manor Gardens - August Borders by Leigh Clapp